Call us toll free: +1 800 789 50 12
Call us toll free: +1 800 789 50 12


Founded in 1999, the Sikh Foundation of Canada is a registered not-for-profit organization. It's focus is on education to promote greater understanding and appreciation of Sikh history, art, and culture among Sikh-Canadians and the community at large.

We strive to promote our rich history and traditions by:

• Sponsoring initiatives, research and programs related to Sikh history, art, culture and traditions and;
• Providing scholarships, awards and support to Sikh students to enable them to obtain a post-secondary education and make a contribution to their communities.

Through academic seminars, staging of displays of rare books, coins, photographs, maps, original graphics, an annual film festival and by sponsoring new media art projects and theatre productions, the Foundation promotes initiatives that speak to the Sikh Canadian experience.

All of our initiatives are open to the general public and engagement is welcomed and encouraged.